The Strand Favorites: The Best Sushi In Sacramento

The Strand Favorites: The Best Sushi In Sacramento

Need help figuring out where to eat this weekend? Sushi is always a good answer. From classic omakase experiences to sushi bento boxes, Sacramento has it all. Thankfully, The Strand Luxury Apartments are located just a short drive away from the best sushi in Sacramento to curb your appetite for tuna, salmon, uni, and more.


Mikuni | Midtown Sacramento

Mikuni has become a staple in Sacramento. Mikuni Midtown transports you to a cosmopolitan, vibrant city like Los Angeles or New York City. The Midtown location is decorated with bold colors, bright lights, trendy artwork, and excitement. It is truly a place to see and be seen. We know where to find you this weekend! At Mikuni, your dishes will be playful and creative all while serving traditional high-quality Japanese cuisine. Not only do they have an amazing menu, but they also have even better happy hour specials. We like to start with Sake, Garlic Salmon, a Spicy Tuna Roll, and an order of the Kaizen Rolls.


Kru Contemporary Sacramento

Led by Chef Billy Ngo also the Founder of Kru Comtemory in Sacramento. Chef Ngo is known for his use of the best ingredients and flavor and we can pledge for that! Not only are their ingredients extremely fresh but their dishes are visually stunning and delicious. The menu features traditional classics, uni, nigiri, pork belly, sashimi, and an array of sushi and hand rolls that are almost too perfect to eat. Oh, and do not forget the house-made pork gyoza! We recommend starting with them. 

O-Toro Midtown

A casual sushi bar in midst of Midtown Sacramento. Looking for a fun place to gather with friends or grab a late-night bite to eat? O-Toro is the place. They are known for their happy hour, Japanese late-night eats, and bar bites. Let us recommend a few dishes. Our favorites are the “She So Tuna”, Shrimp Tempura, Miso Soup, Sesame Chicken, and the One Punch Otoro Style Rolls. 

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