Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Spring is just around the corner here at The Strand. Although our spacious modern floorplans provide plenty of space for you and all of your belongings, it can feel great to refresh your space. Whether that means giving everything a deep clean or reorganizing your apartment, it’s easier than you think. The task can seem daunting at first since we naturally accumulate a lot of things in our space as we make it our own. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to step back and reflect on what you have and appreciate it by keeping a tidy home. Here are some spring cleaning tips and tricks for you to use around your apartment.

Clean Your Appliances

It can be easy to forget just how dirty the things in our apartment can get while they help us clean the rest of it. Things like cleaning brushes, cleaning closets, and washing machines can accumulate dust and germs over a long period of time. Cleaning these items can help you achieve that deep clean you’re looking for.

Clean off your in-unit washer and dryer with a simple household cleaner, and swap out your sponge for a new one once you’re done. Take the time to take things out of their place on a shelf in your spacious storage units and wipe down the surface before placing them back where they belong. Doing a deep clean like this ever so often can help protect your health as well, by removing bacteria and germs you might not even be aware of.

Get Detailed

Although our luxury apartments are newly built and sparkling when they are handed over to you, it’s easy to create a bit of dirt as the dust settles. It’s impossible not to. As we go about our everyday life in Sacramento, our apartments naturally gather a bit of dust and dirt in places we don’t clean often. Another part of giving your apartment a deep clean is focusing on the details of your apartment.

The windows that let in the natural light to your home every day could use a quick clean on a cloudy day. Cleaning your windows on a cloudy day helps to prevent streaks. Sprucing up the floorboards with a damp sponge can brighten up the space.

Going through your spacious closet and making sure everything is hanging properly and is visible will make your morning routine 10x easier. Mix some baking soda and white vinegar in your garbage disposal to get rid of any lingering smells. Little things like this are vital to our spring cleaning and organization hacks for your apartment.

Add new organization

In order to make the effort you put into spring cleaning worth it, you’ll want the effects to last a long time. The easiest way to do this is to add new storage tools or replace old ones around your house. You can do this by measuring your spacious storage closets and finding bins that fit perfectly.

You can add a lazy Susan to your stainless steel fridge to get rid of the clutter created by hard-to-reach items. Swap out your mismatched spices for uniform jars that fit perfectly on your countertop or cabinets. I’m sure you’ll find a shelf or two that could use a bit of these reorganization tips.

Add the Finishing Touches

In order to take full advantage of these cleaning tips, make sure you finish off the job with a few nice touches. You can reward yourself with a vase of fresh flowers or a new candle with a scent you love. You could even add a new decor item to help you really admire the space you get to call home. These tips don’t mean anything if you don’t enjoy your space at the end of the day. Your apartment organization should reflect your needs and capabilities as an individual.

We hope that you take these spring cleaning tips and tricks with you to your home at The Strand. There’s no better way to enjoy the space we get to call home than by fully appreciating the space at its best. Having a tidy home can take a lot of stress off of our shoulders in our hectic day-to-day lives. Let us know how you like to clean or reorganize your modern apartment in Sacramento by tagging us on Instagram @thestrandsacramento.

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