Tips For Pet-Proofing Your Apartment

Tips For Pet-Proofing Your Apartment: The Strand West Sacramento

Whether you just moved into an apartment or are looking to move and want to ensure your apartment is safe for you and your pet. The Strand has outlined how to pet-proof each area of your place to make your life less “ruff.”

The Living Room:

-Keep your windows screened and doors closed. Cats tend to love laying on the window sill, and we want to prevent them from leaping out for a bird that flew by. 

-Cover outlets and secure electric cords. It is better to be safe than sorry by using electrical outlet caps helps to prevent your pet from sticking their snout into an outlet

-Try to purchase pet-friendly fabrics and materials when it comes to furniture. Go for dark textured fabrics to hide pet hair and dirt. The best fabrics for an apartment with pets are leather, canvas, microfiber,  and denim. Avoid silk, velvet, linen, and tweed. 

-Declutter and put your knick-knacks away on the top shelf. One wag of their tailor move can make a wine glass break off the coffee table. 

-Set boundaries. If your pet loves exploring within the limits of the apartment, use baby gates or playpens to create a dedicated, fun play space for your pet 

The Kitchen: 

-Keep trash and recycling cans closed or in a cabinet. 

-Don’t leave food out. Not all human food can be consumed by your pets. Make it a habit to put your food and dirty dishes away,  especially if your cat has a tendency to jump on the kitchen counters. 

The Bathroom: 

-Close your washer and dryer after using, you do not want to find your cat hanging out in the dryer

-Put away any medication, makeup, or detergent. Make sure your cleaning supplies are also stored in a cabinet or high up so that your pet’s nose can not reach them. 

-Get a pee pad or a dog patio potty. If your puppy is still very young, it is a smart idea to get a “back up” potty situation like pee pads or grass patio potty that can be put on the balcony. 

-Keep the toilet lid closed. You do not want to have your pet develop a taste for toilet water that may contain leftover cleaning supplies 

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