Favorite Ways To Stay Active Near The Strand

Living at The Strand Luxury Apartments in West Sacramento during March is full of possibilities! With the longer days and warmer weather comes many exciting activities to stay active. Luckily, March offers lots of fun outdoor opportunities – so don’t miss out! From taking daily walks along the river, exploring local parks, fitness classes, completing a biking challenge with friends or simply enjoying a good sunset yoga session – there are plenty of ways to keep yourself moving while you explore all that The Strand has to offer this month. Keep reading for our favorite tips on how to stay active near The Strand in March!

Parks To Explore In West Sac

West Sacramento offers endless recreational spaces for those wanting to explore and embrace the great outdoors. From evening strolls to picnicking in the shade, there are many parks for families looking for quality time with the kids outdoors.

  • Bridgeway Lakes Community Park – Enjoy a nice day out at this 12-acre park with athletic fields & a water play area. Bridgeway is great for kids to play ball, paddle boat, and host outdoor parties!
  • River Walk Park – For a full day worth of exploring and relaxation, River Walk Park is the place for you! With its stunning views of the river and old town Sacramento, it’s a fantastic spot to take a refreshing walk or bike ride. Tower bridge crosses over the Sacramento River, linking downtown to the park. From there, you can enjoy amazing vistas as you meander along the pathways. Admire historic buildings and restaurants in old town. With its tranquil atmosphere and spectacular views, River Walk Park is sure to be a memorable experience!
  • Summer Field Park – March evenings in West Sacramento become especially serene when visiting the Summerfield Park. Thanks to its wide open fields and established pathways, it’s perfect for anyone looking for some peace of mind after a long day. Whether you’re playing with your pup or simply taking in the twilight hour, this park is the ideal spot for a peaceful stroll through the meadows and grass areas.
  • Bannon Creek Park – This delightful park is great for escaping from reality. Combining fresh greenery with curated paths for a peaceful stroll. The bridge over the creek adds to the scenery and provides a great place to watch the wildlife around it. Dogs will love exploring the park too!
Sunrise over West Sacramento

Go-To Fitness Classes

  • P20 Hot Pilates – If you’re looking for a great way to stay active, check out P2O Hot Pilates! This unique studio provides a variety of classes to help you reach your exercise goals. They are the only hot pilates studio in Sacramento. Not only will the different workouts get your heart pumping, but they also help build strength and keep your mind sharp! With experienced instructors available to ensure that you receive the best possible experience, what more could you want from a fitness center? Check out their deals and book your session today!
  • Doma Studio – Get your zen on at Doma Studio! They offer daily heated yoga and pilates classes to help you stay active and healthy. Or enjoy the state of the art classes online from the comfort of your home. With their full library of workouts, meditations, food recipes available online and spacious living areas at your apartment at The Strand, it’s easier than ever to become your best self!
  • Orangetheory Fitness – Get ready to experience the ultimate workout with Orangetheory Fitness! You’ll receive a science-backed and technology-tracked workouts! Every minute of your time in the studio is designed to produce maximum results. So be prepared for an intense session unlike any other!

Stay Active At The Strand

Staying active has never been easier when you live at The Strand Luxury Apartments! We have all the amenities to get you moving and stay motivated. Our state-of-the-art fitness center provides all the equipment needed for strenuous workouts, while those who prefer some fresh air can take advantage of our Outdoor Youth Fitness Course. Plus, enjoy a leisurely stroll around the community on our Walking/Jogging path.

With an abundance of nearby parks, nature trails and local recreation centers, you can get your daily dose of exercise with ease and convenience. Beyond taking a walk or a jog in one of the many surrounding parks, there are also plenty of excellent work out classes near The Strand in West Sacramento. You can work on your physical health while meeting new people or spending quality time with friends in one of these engaging exercise classes. Between incorporating outdoor activity into your routine and taking full advantage excellent exercise classes nearby, staying active at The Strand Luxury Apartments is truly simple and enjoyable!

So take your pick or mix it up! Join us today and start getting healthier!

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