Best Summer Design Tips For Your New Apartment

Welcome to your new luxury apartments at the Strand! We know you’re excited to start decorating your new place and to invite friends over for a housewarming party. How you decorate your space tells a lot about who you are. Not to mention, it’s a great way to set a welcoming and relaxing environment. We want you to be in love with your place and always make it feel like home. Here is a guide to the best summer design tips for your new apartment.

Best Summer Design Tips

Decorating is not a look, it’s a point of view.

  • Coffee Table – Adding decorative pieces to your coffee table will add sophistication to your space. We recommend displaying books, candles, healing quartz, bowls, & floral arrangements. Displaying books will tell a guest 2 things: the type of books you like to read & that you appreciate decor. Keep in mind your coffee table is the centerpiece & most important part of your living room. They serve various purposes like holding your drinks & showcasing your decorations. When shopping for coffee tables, consider the shape, size, & material. Here is a list of recommended coffee tables & decorations: West Elm Coffee Table, Pottery Barn Ibiza Book, Unforme Ceramic Bowl, & West Elm Crystal Quartz
  • Bar Cart – Bar carts are more than just a decorative feature. It shows that you enjoy entertaining & hosting a fun night! It’s also a great way to store all your drinks & wine glasses in one place. Here are clever ways to decorate your bar cart:
    • Keep it simple
    • Cocktail books
    • Go Green – add plants or flowers to your cart for a pop of color!
    • Style within season
  • Greenery – Displaying flowers & plants sets a perfect summer space! Flowers can brighten up your home & encourage a positive & welcoming space. Here are recommended flowers & color palettes:
    • Summer Sky – Have your main florals light blue and add complementary colors like purple, bubblegum pink, & bright green. Try arranging Delphinium, Zinnia, Hyrandeas, & Daisies in your floral bundle!
    • More Summer Flowers: Lavender & Lilies are also great summer flowers for around your home. Lavender promotes a fresh fragrance scent throughout your space. Its anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties make it a useful plant to have around the house. Lilies are simple yet elegant flowers to keep around your home! With a bloom time in late spring, these perennials can thrive throughout summer.

How to Keep Your Home Organized

Now that we’ve established a way to decorate your new home, it’s important to keep your space neat & tidy! Here are tips on how to keep your home organized.

  • Organizers – Utilizing storage organizers can help make a closet, kitchen, or bathroom automatically give your space structure. Good organization adds an orderly and comfortable feel to your home!
  • Labels – Having labels helps you stay organized because it creates a system and order to how things are placed in your home.
  • Make your Bed – Your bed accounts for a good chunk of your room space and when your bed is made, your room will instantly look cleaner.
  • Throw things out regularly – Whether it’s taking out the trash, recycling, or closet purging, always clean out things you don’t need! Luckily, here at the Strand, throwing out trash and recycling are always reliable and available! There are many donation centers near the Strand as well. Consider stores such as Goodwill located in West Sacramento when you want to donate your items.

Keeping your home clean and organized is the key to happy living! The Strand interior residence amenities allow an easy way to consistantly stay on top of cleanliness and organization with spacious kitchen pantries, modern custom-wood cabinetry, and a bright and open-concept living area.

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