Best Flower Shops in Sacramento For Fresh Flowers in your Apartment

Fresh Flowers

Now that summer’s just around the corner, it’s time to decorate your apartment with beautiful fresh flowers! Displaying greenery and floral arrangements all around your home is the perfect way to elevate your space. Here is a guide to the best flower shops in Sacramento for fresh flowers in your apartment at the Strand.

Best Flower Shops in Sacramento

  • Petalish Flowers – This small floral business offers a wide range of girly & delicate blooms that is perfect for the summer! Their signature colors and tones are pink & red, perfect for those who love roses! We highly recommend ordering the Bloom Box (Garden Style)!
  • Kiyo’s Floral Design – Kiyo’s Florals offers in-store shopping, custom floral arrangements, & Japanese ceramics! Fun Fact: Kiyo’s Florals has been in business in Sacramento for more than 50 years!
  • Bloem Decor Florist – This flower shop is known for its “artistic, elegant, & beautiful” designs. Check out their store or shop online today!
  • Trader Joe’s – Pick up your flowers at your local Trader Joe’s today! We love flowers at TJ’s because their always fresh and offer a wide range of blooms. From tulips to hydrangeas, the choices are endless. Best of all, they are extremely affordable!

After shopping for your fresh flowers, get creative & start making your floral arrangements for your apartment at the Strand! Display them in your gourmet kitchen, spacious living area, and cozy bedroom.

Best Flowers for the Summer

  • Hydrangeas – These beautiful & voluminous blooms last up to 2 weeks and are grown in various colors. Each color has its own meaning. White hydrangeas are a symbol of purity, grace, and abundance. Pick the one that’s right for your home!
  • Orchids – We love this type of flower because they are natural air purifiers. Their elegance also elevates your space with a fresh homey feel.
  • Ranunculus – These flowers are perfect for your home as it symbolizes charm. This gentle bloom is the perfect way to set a welcoming space.
  • Lilies – Lilies make excellent houseplants for your home. These lovely plants not only brighten up your living space but are also exceptional at cleaning your home air.
  • Delphinium – Symbolizing cheerfulness and goodwill, Delphinium is the ideal protective plant. They communicate encouragement and joy, a perfect way to set the tone & feel of your home!
  • Daisies – These bright flowers give a dainty and delicate feel. We love Daisies because it adds freshness to any indoor space.
  • Sunflowers – Place these sunshine-like flowers in your contemporary-lighted Upper Ivy kitchen. They’re simply perfect for brightening up any summer space! We recommend adding some lemons on the side for that extra vibrant touch!

All these freshly-picked, elegant flowers will surely look captivating for your summer home oasis at the Strand. Flowers add color naturally, so imagine how’d they look in your bright and spacious living area!

Floral Arranging Tips

  • Main Rules: Balance, proportion & scale, unity, harmony, rhythm & balance, and emphasis.
  • Choose your Color Palette – What are your favorite colors? What colors represent your personality? What is the interior tone of your home? Are you into bright, pastel, or neutral colors? These questions can guide you toward your ideal floral arrangement design. Additionally, it’s important to choose colors that complement one another. Say you’re into a pink color scheme, try arranging your florals with baby pink, salmon, flamingo pink, and magenta.
  • Cut & Prepare – After arriving home with your flowers, you may be tempted to begin arranging right away. However, it’s important to first remove extra leaves and damaged petals from stems. Once the stems are cleaned up, make a cut to the bottom of the stems. Preparation ensures to keep your flowers stay fresh and last longer.
  • Choose & Prepare your Vase – Pick your vase based on the length and the number of floral bundles you have. Recommended vases: Tall cylinder glass vases, Narrow necked glass vases, Fishbowl vases, Square glass vases, Rectangular glass vases, and Square tank glass vases.
  • Add a Greenery Base – We highly recommend Eucalyptus leaves!
  • Focal Flowers – Usually the largest blooms that are bright in color.
  • Filler Flowers – These are the smaller and daintier flowers like Daisies.
  • Add Contrast & Pop of Color – If your floral color tones are pink, add a pop of color like white.

After a fun morning of arranging your beautiful & fresh flowers, it’s time to display them in your apartment at the Strand! Take pictures of your floral arrangements and upload them on Instagram! We’d love to see your creative process and lovely home space! Don’t forget to tag us @thestrandsacramento

The Strand

The Strand Luxury Apartments is the perfect place where your creativity & imaginations come to life! Don’t be discouraged if your arrangements don’t turn out the way you planned. Keep on arranging, get messy, and have fun! Be inspired to decorate your apartment this summer full of flowers and plants for that dreamy home feel.

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